WriteTo1k: A Comprehensive Course For Aspiring Freelance Writers

Finding a trusted mentor is crucial to the success of any business you may want to start. But when it comes to beginning your freelance writing journey, how do you go about finding someone to guide you through the process?

Famous Writers Don’t Have Time to Help You!

Most successful freelance writers are simply too busy to provide you with one-on-one coaching or advice. If they do offer mentorship, their per-hour rate is likely far more expensive than what your budget allows. This is due to the simple fact that they could working on their business and earning a lot of money during that time instead!

Luckily there is an alternative to receiving direct mentorship, and it comes in the form of online courses. Since they only need to create the course material once, prominent writers can release a comprehensive course to would-be writers for a fraction of the cost of one-on-one coaching. Often you can find a complete online course on freelance writing for the same price that an hour of one-on-one coaching would cost you.

When I first began to scour the internet for information on becoming a freelance writer, the advice I found was rather general and vague.  Everyone had an opinion, but most of it wasn’t even actionable. As I dug a bit deeper, I began to come across courses devoted to freelance writing. The one that I believed was the most professional and comprehensive available was Write Your Way to Your First 1k, and ended up being my choice to get myself started.

WriteTo1k: Pink on the Outside, Business on the Inside


First impressions of the WriteTo1k course can be deceiving. The website is accented with hot pink and admittedly appealing to an entirely different target audience than myself as a guy in his early 30s.

Elna Cain, the course’s creator, is a proud stay-at-home mom of twins. Beneath all of the pink-infused atmosphere, Elna’s course is all business.

Everything You Need to Know About Writing

Write Your Way to Your First 1k is a fully comprehensive guide that includes everything you need to begin earning an income as a freelance writer. The course is broken down into seven modules:

  • Laying The Foundation – A general overview of what to expect as a freelance writer, how to set goals and choose your writing niche, and other basics.
  • Building Your Writer Platform – How to set up a website, even if you don’t have any experience with coding and you aren’t an IT expert. It discusses the kinds of pages you should include on your website and what information you need on each, as well as creating an overall brand for yourself.
  • Building Your Portfolio – Discusses different ways to go about creating your writer portfolio, including writing samples, blogging, or doing guest posts.
  • Finding Writing Clients – This section is all about finding writing clients using a variety of methods. This section is no joke. It contains 95+ ways to find a profitable client.
  • Your Pitch – Elna explains the best practices when it comes to applying for writing gigs on job boards as well as when cold pitching clients. She also talks about how to set your rates and how to tell if a job is a scam. Finally, she also gives a detailed overview of her own pitches from when she first began as a freelance writer to present day, and explains some areas of improvement from her initial pitches.
  • Your First $1k – This section gets into the real meat of writing itself. It teaches how to write for the web, including a brief overview of copywriting and SEO. It includes detailed breakdowns on how to write a professional blog, as well as how to edit your work and submit it to clients or upload it into their WordPress backend.
  • Your Freelance Business – Details the day-to-day administrative requirements of having your own business, such as:
    • Invoicing and how to get paid
    • How to communicate with clients
    • Drafting service agreements
    • How to handle rejection, how to get work done, and other “mindset” topics
Elna frequently does Q&A sessions for new writers and other types of live webinars within the WriteTo1k private Facebook group.

The Course Pays for Itself

Access to the Write Your Way to Your First 1k course currently has a price tag of $165 USD. In the grand scheme of things, that’s really nothing if you are serious about becoming a professional writer.

With the knowledge the course offered me, I landed my first client and was able to pay off the cost of the course within my first month of writing.

Not only that, but I also earned enough to easily pay for my writing website domain and hosting costs for the entire year within my first month as well.

I fully anticipate that I’ll be earning a writing income that equals or exceeds the annual salary of my previous job by the end of my first year.

The Facebook group is full of other supportive and helpful writers in exactly the same situation as you.

Write Your Way to Your First 1k Will Help You to Be Successful Freelance Writer

Write Your Way to Your First 1k provided me with the confidence and all the skills necessary to be a freelance writer. After completing the course, I soon gave notice at my full-time corporate job that I’d be quitting to pursue my own writing business. Your own situation may vary, and I would never advocate taking such a significant risk to others unless you have at least several months worth of savings and/or a supportive partner.

That’s the great thing about freelance writing and what you learn in the Write Your Way to Your First 1k course though. You can scale it at your own pace. If you want to go all-in and quit your job to pursue your passion of becoming a writer that’s entirely possible, but you can just as easily freelance as a side job for just an hour or two per week for a little extra income.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a busy parent that can only devote part-time hours, someone without any formal education, or just someone with a lifelong passion for writing that wants to make a career change. Write Your Way to Your First 1k will give you the skills and knowledge necessary to create a successful writing business of your own.


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