Track and Manage Your Writing With Trello

Writing for a living can be overwhelming. You have assignments for multiple clients on the go, as well as a ton of invoicing and administrative work to be completed. Maybe a desk covered in sticky notes is your current method of tracking all of this. You may want to use Trello to convert those sticky notes into a digital form.

What Is Trello?


Trello is a project management tool that allows you to keep track of what you’re working on, and how far along it is in the process. Trello accomplishes this with the use of “boards” which contain an overall project, “lists” which are columns used to categorize tasks on a particular board, and “cards” which represent a task that needs to be completed. It’s available both in your browser at and also as an app for both iPhone and Android devices. Trello offers a free version if you are using it by yourself or with a small team, as well as monthly subscriptions for as little as $9.99 for larger businesses. These paid plans offer extra features such as larger file attachments or 2-factor authentication for added security.

The use of Trello boards is only limited by your imagination. Trello provides inspiration with a variety of pre-made boards such as “Vacation Planning,” “New Hire Onboarding,” etc. But here are some board ideas I’ve created that are specifically related to the needs of writers:

  • Starting Your Writing Business – When I decided it was time to pursue freelance writing as a full-time career, I made a board of tasks that I needed to complete to get started. My lists were simple and included: To Do, In Progress, and Completed. Under these lists, I had cards such as “Register a web domain,” “Write five portfolio samples,” and “Set up a Paypal business account.” I also had a list called Goals at the end where I listed things such as “Write X words per day.”
  • Writing A Novel – You can use Trello boards to create your overall book outline. Some lists you may want to include on your board would be Characters, Plot, Motifs, Themes, and Research. This can be a great resource to quickly refer to while writing your novel.
  • As A Freelance Writer – Track the progress of your gigs with lists such as Pitched, Accepted, In Progress, Completed, Invoiced, and Paid. Trello makes it easy to add a due date or scribble some quick notes under a job.

Take Your Organization Skills To The Next Level

What tools do you currently use to keep track of your projects? Give Trello a try today with a basic set of tasks such as “Weekly House Cleaning Chores” or “Meal Planning” and see how you like it!


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