Extend Your Brain With Evernote

If you’ve ever read a “Top 10” article about productivity apps online, chances are that you saw Evernote somewhere on the list. For years, it has been the quintessential app when it comes to taking notes or organising your thoughts in a digital format.

Upon first glance, Evernote doesn’t look all that different from the default note-taking apps that come pre-installed on most smartphones. Where it differs from other note apps is the sheer variety of items it can store. Evernote is a veritable scrapbook capable of holding plain text as well as images, documents, audio recordings, checklists, drawings and other types of information.

Find Anything in Seconds

Evernote’s reputation as an information-storing powerhouse is due in large part to its OCR (optical character recognition) technology that allows users to search inside of images or other file types for text. Without this feature, organising and finding the information you need in the app would be a tedious process.


For example, if you take a photo of a lasagna recipe in a magazine that you’d like to use at a later time, there’s no need to tag the image or put it in a particular recipe folder if you don’t want to. The app analyses and catalogues all text in the image, so you can simply search for the word “lasagna” within Evernote later and have your recipe’s image immediately show up. Some Evernote users even refer to the program as an extension of their brain!

A Costly Premium Version

Evernote does offer a free version. The cost of its paid upgrades, ranging from $46.99 to $89.99 USD per year, may be seen as a drawback for some users. For occasional users, the free version will more than enough to get the job done, and such users may object to such a hefty price tag on what they could consider a glorified note-taking app.

But if you try the free version of Evernote and find you’re quite a heavy user, you may consider it worth upgrading for the extra features such as a larger upload limit and synching across all devices.


Don’t forget that you can sync Evernote items with other services using Zapier.


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