Capitalize Titles In Seconds

Learning how to write titles correctly is one of the most important aspects of blogging. While you can get away with writing titles with just one leading capital letter, it looks more professional to use conventional styles. gives you three different title capitalization options. You can opt for AP Style, Chicago Style, or simply capitalize words with 5 or more letters.

AP Style vs Chicago Style

The AP Stylebook is the definitive guide on style for the Associated Press. You may have seen its Twitter account, @apstylebook, where it tweets style tips in response to follower queries. As its name suggests, it’s aimed at journalists and media relations writers.

The Chicago Manual of Style has a slightly different audience; it’s used mainly by authors and editors. There is a very diverse range of writers in this field, which is reflected in its much larger size.

Which Title Capitalization is Best?

It doesn’t really matter which style of headline you choose for a blog. The most important thing is to ensure that all of your title capitalization matches across blog posts, and across all of the headings in each post. That way, you have uniformity and order.

Correct capitalization gives your blog a professional sheen and can make┬áscanning easier. Bookmark; you’ll soon be creating properly capitalized titles like a pro.

Bookmark; you’ll soon be creating properly capitalized titles like a pro.



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