Canva: Easily Create Graphics For Your Blog or Article

Creating graphics has always been an expensive and time-consuming process. Until recently, your only option was to hire a professional graphic designer. That could cost hundreds of dollars for even a simple logo. If you dared to attempt your own graphics, you would find that Photoshop was both expensive and difficult to learn.

Other options have appeared over time, such as GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), a free open-source software that provides functionality similar to Photoshop. As someone who can barely draw more than a stick person, I still struggle with the creative aspect of making graphics, even with a powerful free tool like GIMP. That’s where Canva comes in.

Canva Basics

Canva is a godsend to the creatively challenged that somehow find themselves a position where they need to create professional looking graphics. Signing up for an account is free and can be done with your email, or in just a few simple clicks with your existing Facebook or Google account.

Once inside, you will have access to dozens of different design types, including everything from Instagram posts to restaurant menus. Within each design type are hundreds of templates (or maybe thousands – I’ve never scrolled far enough to see if they actually end!)

Beginning a new project is as easy as clicking the template of your choice. You can then modify all elements of the design, including any pre-set fonts, images, or backgrounds.

I’ve personally used Canva to create everything from a logo for my website to the cover of a book I published. Below is a copy of the cover I created using the site – not too shabby for someone with no artistic talent if I do say so myself! The template was free, and I upgraded to a paid image from Canva’s stock photo library for just $1 USD.

Give Canva A Try Today!

Canva is truly a revolutionary design tool that makes it easier than ever for ordinary people to create beautiful graphics. Even if you wouldn’t consider yourself to have any artistic talent, it’s worth taking a look at to see what designs you can create for yourself.


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