UPDATED: Black Friday Deals for Bloggers & Writers

Black Friday deals for bloggers are here again! As we find out more about the deals for 2020, we’ll update this page.

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Best Black Friday Deals For Bloggers

Frase – Content Optimization Tool – $79 Lifetime Deal

Frase is a content writing aid that helps you to increase the relevancy and keyword coverage in your blog posts and web content.

You can use Frase to check and improve any content you’ve written yourself, or send a pre-prepared brief to a writer you’ve hired complete with keywords and sources. If you’ve used Clearscope or Market Muse, you’ll know how powerful this kind of optimization is.

Frase is an unmissable Black Friday Deal for Bloggers

Frase can pull in blog posts from WordPress directly. You can also use it to compose your posts and then export to HTML, or back to WordPress. The text formatting is a little bit buggy, and Frase doesn’t cope that well with styles yet. But that’s no big deal – and it’s not as bad as Google Drive!

Frase is available for a limited time via AppSumo. The sale starts today (23rd November). You can opt for 1 code to check or create 30 documents a month, which costs $79. We think 2 codes is a smarter choice – you can check or prepare unlimited documents for $158. You can also give 3 users access to the dashboard, and you also get access to an AI-powered chatbot (which we haven’t tried yet).

Existing and new lifetime deal customers also get reduced price access to the new SEO addon for 3 months.

We’ve been using Frase for a while now. It’s still in development, but the creators are taking feedback on board and continually improving the experience. Both bloggers and anyone who hires bloggers will find some value here. We especially like that Frase doesn’t have any content spinning tools that encourage plagiarism or thin content.

Frase normally costs $45-$115 per month. Black Friday deals for bloggers rarely offer these kinds of savings!

How to buy: Head over to AppSumo now and search for Frase.

The Frase Black Friday deal for bloggers expires on Cyber Monday.

Missinglettr – Content Drip Scheduler – up to 57% Off

If you already read our Missinglettr Curate review (formerly Missinglettr Potbox), you’ll already know how much we LOVE the tool.

The branding here is a little confusing, but Missinglettr is the name for the other tool in the set: the drip-feed content scheduler that lets you post your own content repeatedly over a year.

The Black Friday deal is available to new Missinglettr customers. (If you already bought Curate on AppSumo, you can’t get this one unfortunately.)

Here’s an example of a (pretty sparse) drip feed calendar. As you add posts to this, Missinglettr will automatically send them out, giving you many more chances to promote your best content.

Missinglettr drip campaign in Postbox

When you sign up for Curate, you get a limited trial of the main Missinglettr product. This Black Friday deal gives bloggers the chance to lock in a lower annual rate for it.

Pricing for the Black Friday Missinglettr deal starts at $59/year and includes 1 workspace (which equates to 1 site’s RSS feed), 3 social media accounts for sharing, and the ability to schedule up to 500 posts over the year. That should be enough for most bloggers to schedule their most important posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn (for example).

You can go up to $299 for the 3-site, 9-profile plan, or $599 for the Agency plan.

Crucially, these prices are locked in for life once you sign up, so you don’t have to worry about getting a huge renewal invoice next year.

Here’s how it breaks down:

Workspaces (Blogs)13Unlimited
Social Media Profiles3925
Drip Posts5003,00010,000
White LabelNoNoYes
Custom DomainNoNoYes

I really like these tools, and I have a good feeling about their long-term success too. Any time I’ve asked for support, it’s come directly from the founder. If I had the funds, I’d probably buy that Agency plan just because I like the software so much. In a world of mediocre deals for bloggers, this one stands out.

Missinglettr normally costs from $90/yr. Buy this Black Friday and you’ll lock in the lower price.

How to buy: Get Missinglettr now.

Depositphotos – Royalty-Free Stock Photos – $39 for 100 photos

I was really hoping we’d see a good Black Friday deal for bloggers who struggle to find decent images, and AppSumo has come up with the goods.

With this deal, you can download 100 royalty-free photos for each code. 1 code costs $39, and you can stack unlimited codes.

I love deals like this. You can easily download the images you need to make decent featured images in tools like Crello. Combined, these tools take a lot of the hassle out of designing half-decent images for your blog.

AppSumo credits also never expire, so you don’t have to rush through and download a ton of photos you might need in the future.

Depositphotos has a library of 100+ million pics, including photos and vectors. And you an use them all for commercial projects, including:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media
  • Designs
  • Ebooks
  • And more.

The main thing you can’t do under the Standard license is resell the photos to someone else.

One interesting feature on Depositphotos is the reverse image search button – great for those of us who struggle to search for images using keywords.

I recommend this Black Friday deal to any bloggers who find themselves blocked any time they need to make a header or featured image. It’s so handy to have a library at your fingertips, without the stress of having to decide whether to spend money on a picture (or 3) for every single post they write.

Depositphotos normally costs £239 for 100 images on demand.

How to buy: Head over to AppSumo now and search for Depositphotos.

The Depositphotos Black Friday deal for bloggers expires on Cyber Monday.

Labrika – Content Optimizer & SEO – $69 Lifetime Deal

Labrika is worth including in the Black Friday deals for bloggers because it has a pretty handy content optimization tool.

It does a lot more – like site audits and competitor analysis. But for writers, the content optimization tool is probably going to be most useful.

The principle of this tool is similar to Frase but approaches things a little differently.

First, Labrika scans your site and spits out tons of scores. In this respect, it’s modeled on SEO tools like SEMrush. I wouldn’t put 100% faith into scores yet, since Labrika seems to struggle with some aspects of certain sites, like outgoing links. But if you want some kind of audit tool that’s inexpensive and basically works well, I think this is worth keeping an eye on.

Second, this is a tool focused on keywords and doesn’t (yet?) look at other results in detail. So it’ll make recommendations based on the SERPs but you can’t drill into those pages from the editor.

There’s also a keyword grouping report that’s very interesting. You can see each page along with the keywords it’s ranking for. From there, you can access a full text analysis of the page, and a content optimizer tool.

Black Friday deals for bloggers: Labrika

Labrika can also scan pages for swearwords (it picked out ‘squirt’ on one of my sites, which made me giggle).

You can also:

  • Connect Google Analytics to show more data, like pages with no visits at all
  • Find over-optimized and thin pages
  • Find and fix duplicate content
  • See SERP features
  • Track rankings
  • And more.

The tool is quite technical and a little rough around the edges, so you need to be prepared for the usual hiccups that come with early adoption.

Also, there is a slightly inconvenient approach to content optimization in that you have to keep manually refreshing the core – it doesn’t update by itself. It also loads the footer content with the page, so you have to remove that while editing. Hopefully Labrika will continue to improve the way this works. On the plus side, I think the formatting of the text in the rich text editing fields is actually better than Frase.

Black Friday deals for bloggers: Labrika

I’ve tried a few marketplace deals for bloggers recently and I felt that they were all very restrictive. There is a ton of value in Labrika, which is why I decided to include it in Black Friday deals for bloggers.

Labrika normally costs from $19/mo.

How to buy: Head over to AppSumo now and open the Marketplace.

Appsumo marketplace black friday

Scroll down a little until you find Labrika.

The Labrika deal is ongoing.

ProWritingAid – Grammar Checker – 50% Off Lifetime Deal

ProWritingAid is a popular tool for writers. It’s often cited as the best Grammarly alternative for anyone who needs a reliable grammar checker.

This Black Friday deal for bloggers lets you get a lifetime Premium license for 50% of the usual price, or £199. This includes all future updates, so it’s a steal compared to the ongoing cost of tools like Grammarly. And it also includes access to ProWritingAid’s addon for Google Docs.

I know what you’re thinking: is the plagiarism checker included? Sadly, no, it’s not. If you want plagiarism checking, you’ll need the Premium Plus plan

Here’s a breakdown.

Regular lifetime priceLifetime dealMonthly deal
(price valid for 1 year only)
Premium £399£149 £59.25
(25% off)
Premium Plus
incl. 60 plagiarism checks per year
(25% off)

You can buy additional plagiarism checks for any plan. These cost between 20p and £1 each depending on the package.

Of course, ProWritingAid is up against strong competition here. Grammarly’s plagiarism checks are essentially free and unlimited on the Premium plan – the only cap is 100 documents (50,000 words) per 24 hours.

However, if you have another tool for plagiarism checking (like WhiteSmoke, for example), this lifetime deal could be worth it to rid yourself of another monthly subscription.

Get ProWritingAid from £4.94/ month (normally $20/month).

How to buy: Get ProWritingAid now.

The ProWritingAid Black Friday deal for bloggers expires on Tuesday, December 1st at 11:59 PST.

WhiteSmoke – Grammar Checker – $40 Lifetime Deal

WhiteSmoke is a grammar checking tool for writers. It helps you to fix errors with spelling, style, and more.

WhiteSmoke also has a translation tool and a plagiarism checker. The plagiarism checker comes with 500 credits each month, which is pretty good considering this is a lifetime deal. You can buy more, but there’s no obvious pricing for this on the website.

If you can’t stretch to some of the more expensive options in this space, this could be $40 well spent. It’s also a superior tool if you write in a language other than English.

Get WhiteSmoke from $40 (pricing normally starts at $10/month).

How to buy: Get WhiteSmoke now.

Ginger – Grammar Checker – from $2.99/mo

If the WhiteSmoke and ProWritingAid deals didn’t tempt you, you might like to take a look at Ginger.

Ginger is another grammar checking tool that works on social media sites, in Microsoft Office, and so on. It doesn’t work in Google Docs, which will probably be a dealbreaker for some bloggers.

However, the text to speech feature will be a big plus for anyone who likes to read their content aloud to check mistakes.

Ginger does have some translation tools and a sentence rephrasing tool (which I’m personally a little underwhelmed by, but perhaps I’m not really testing it in the correct way).

There are 3 plan options here, all with 70% off:

  • Monthly – $8.98
  • Annual – $44.88 ($3.74/mo equivalent)
  • 2-Year Plan – $71.76 ($2.99/mo equivalent)

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how long the price persists, or whether you’d have to renew at the normal rate.

PublishPress will also plant 25 trees for every sale.

Get 70% off Ginger this Black Friday.

How to buy: Get Ginger now.

Publer – Social Media Scheduler – $49 Lifetime Deal

We’ve used Publer before, and we were all secretly hoping that it would come back to AppSumo this Black Friday. And here it is!

Publer Black Friday Deal for Bloggers

Publer is a social media scheduler that makes it super easy to line up posts for all of your social media accounts.

You can connect your RSS feeds and have Publer automatically post or schedule for you. We’ve always used Zapier for this, but I think the way Publer handles it is much nicer.

Publer Black Friday deal for bloggers

Publer also gives you insights into your engagement stats, post reach, clicks, views, and the things your audience is talking about.

Integration with Canva is coming soon (although we’re hoping for Crello integration as well!).

Publer is simple, clean, and easy to use. It’s nice to see a social media tool strip out all of the clutter and focus on easy, fast sharing. Most people who run blogs and small sites don’t need a massive social media marketing platform – they just want something that makes social media a bit easier to manage.

And it’s awesome that Publer integrates with Switchy, a link tracker deal that you should check out as well.

The Publer AppSumo deal is probably the most generous Black Friday deal for bloggers so far.

All of the tiers give you the Aurum plan, which gives you unlimited sites and posts. The other limits will vary depending on how many codes you buy.

$49 gets you 30 social accounts and 3 team members as a lifetime deal. You can buy 2 codes to double that, and 3 codes to triple it.

Get Publer for $49 one-time fee this Black Friday.

How to buy: Head to AppSumo now and search for Publer.

The Publer Black Friday deal for bloggers closes on Cyber Monday.

PublishPress – WordPress Author Management – Save 25%

PublishPress is a comprehensive plugin that lets you manage your content and writers. It’s a great Black Friday tool for bloggers who run a multi-author blog.

We like the feature that lets you create guest authors without setting up a user account in WordPress. It reduces the security risk of giving out tons of logins for bloggers who may only contribute occasionally.

The Black Friday deal includes all of the plugins in the set:

  • PublishPress Pro – adds a content calendar and more
  • Authors Pro – easily add writers and guest bloggers
  • Capabilities Pro – set granular permissions to user roles
  • Checklists Pro – set a pre-publishing to-do list for writers
  • Permissions Pro – customize permissions for users
  • Revisions Pro – easily manage post revisions
  • Advanced Gutenberg – 20 new blocks for the block editor.

PublishPress will also plant 25 trees for every sale.

Get PublishPress from $51.75/year (normally starts at $69/year).

How to buy: Get PublishPress now.


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