Avoid Over-Used Copy with These Two Online Tools

When you’re writing for a living, it can be easy to fall into the habit of relying on similar phrases and words to get your points across. However, there comes a point when style crosses the line into overused – and it’s this that can rapidly lead to disengaged readers clicking away from your work!

Thankfully, there’s a huge range of online tools out there to help you keep your writing fresh and full of personality. To avoid overused copy and too many common phrases, check out these two handy online tools:


Do you ever proofread your work and find the same word cropping up over and over again? Using the same word too much can disrupt the flow of your writing and even bore your readers. It’s essential that you recognise where you’ve repeated yourself, and replace those words with synonyms to keep your writing interesting and engaging.

Introducing WordCounter.


This handy online tool is more than just a simple word counter – it calculates how frequently you have used each word in a passage of text. You simply need to copy and paste your writing into the text box, click “Go” and the online tool will rank your word count from most-used words to least-used.

This tool is perfect for writer’s wanting to keep their writing fresh and interesting for their readers. There’s nothing worse than re-reading an old article and realising you’ve completely over-used the same phrase, so simply insert your copy into this useful tool before publishing as an excellent way to proofread your work.

Alternatively, you can also benefit from the word count when writing for SEO purposes. If you’re looking to drop the same keywords throughout your copy, WordCounter can verify how many times you’ve used those keywords – easily allowing you to see how many more you need to add or subtract.

Cliche Finder

Nothing says ‘bored writer’ more than overused cliches littered throughout your copy. Keep your writing fresh and full of your own personality (rather than someone else’s!) with this simple tool that will quickly identify common phrases. If you’re guilty of overusing phrases rather than singular words, Cliche Finder is the perfect online tool for you.

Similarly to WordCounter, Cliche Finder simply requires you to copy and paste your writing into the textbox, and will then highlight any cliche phrases you’ve used in red. Whether you’re happy leaving in these phrases is up to you – but you’ll at least get a clear picture of just how much of your copy is made up of common clauses!

This tool can be particularly useful to creative writers who can fall into the trap of relying on fail-safe descriptive phrases, and ‘fluff’ to pad out a narrative. However, writers from a range of industries can benefit from this tool to ensure your copy remains original and most importantly, interesting to your readers.

What other tools do you use to keep your copy fresh and exciting? Give these two tools a go today and see what differences they can make to the way you write!

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