Automate Your Style Guide is a Windows application that automates the process of applying styles. It hooks directly into Microsoft Word and makes it much easier to enforce your house style.

PerfectIt behaves a little like Grammarly (read our review of Grammarly Premium here). It picks out words that may not adhere to your rules, a little like a spell checker would. But PerfectIt has a much broader range of options, including an easy picker that let you choose the correct alternative to any style issue that it detects in the text.

How to Test Your Documents

PerfectIt contains hundreds of tests that you can run on your content to check its contents, including:

  • Checking that abbreviations are defined the first time they’re used
  • Making sure compound words are formatted correctly
  • Weeding out incorrect words that a spell checker doesn’t catch
  • Formatting titles and using correct capitalization
  • Removing capital letters in the wrong places
  • Standardizing bullet and list styles
  • Ensuring table and figure headings are correct.

You can build up your style guide as you go along, or have the developers import your styles for you.

Many editors get a kick out of locating style mistakes manually. But when pressed for time, a little automation helps. PerfectIt is a great tool to improve the overall standard of copy. Our only real complaint is that it isn’t available for Mac — or Google Drive.

PerfectIt is available now from Intelligent Editing for $99.

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