3 Easy Ways to Count Words on a Web Page

Sometimes I have to estimate the word count of a page on a client’s website. This might be because they want a similar article, or they want the content to be replaced without affecting the layout.

Copying and pasting text — and removing unnecessary sections — takes a long time. There are three easier ways to do it.

Web Page Word Counter

Web Page Word Counter is worth bookmarking if you need to estimate page length often. Just paste a URL into the box, click Count Words, and it displays the total. (It also provides handy keywords lists too.)

This website is not smart enough to subtract the word count from headings, sidebars, and navigation. It counts everything on the page. For some URLs, this works fine for giving you a rough estimate. For others, it can send your total way over. (On a page I tested, it counted about 2,000 words for a 1,700-word article, for example.)

Not right for you? Don’t worry. I have more.

Word Counter Tool

Word Count Tool has a website and a Chrome extension.

The website can count words from copied and pasted text or a file upload, which is a nice option. But I actually think the Chrome extension is more useful.

Just highlight text, right-click on it, and then select Word Count Tool to see a quick and accurate total.

Word Count Tool

This works pretty much everywhere, including the WordPress visual editor. Sadly, it doesn’t work on Google Drive.

There are lots of different extensions with similar names on the Chrome Web Store. While all of the word counters I’ve used work fine, this is the one I’m referring to specifically.

InSpyder InSite

Sometimes you can’t count words on an entire website. On a typical e-commerce site, it would be impractical to count each page manually.

InSpyder inSite is an application that crawls websites and counts the words on each page. This is a good way to count multiple pages if you need to do a quote for a website rewrite.

It also finds spelling mistakes, so if you’re checking your own website, it could pick up on typos that you’ve missed.

Inspider InSite is really designed for SEO, so it does a lot more than just word counting. But if you work on clients’ websites, the extra features could be handy when you’re analysing the text.

InSpyder is available for Windows XP and above for $59.99.

How Do You Count Words?

Do you have a neat trick to make word counting easier on web pages? I’d love to know about it. Let me know in the comments below.

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